What Is the ROI of a New Garage Door?

What Is the ROI of a New Garage Door?

What Is the ROI of a New Garage Door?

Are you looking for a new home improvement project to greatly increase the overall value of your home for a long-term investment or a quick sell? When you decide to replace your garage door, you’re improving its overall efficiency, making your daily living easier, updating the look of your home to stand out in your neighborhood and adding incredible, unmatched home value. Garage door replacements are not only practical daily living upgrades but also offer one of the highest home improvement returns on investment, with most upgrades having an average of 85% or more. This added upgrade can even improve your home’s resale value.

A More Affordable Way to Increase Value

To increase the overall value of your home, there are several home improvement tasks owners can invest in — new landscaping, roofing, flooring or kitchen and bathroom remodels. These can add overall home value, but there are less expensive options homeowners can invest in to get that extra value.

While many may not consider updating their home’s garage door, this entrance is often the most used by families to gain entry to their homes. Updating your garage door is often less expensive than other home improvement projects, improves curb appeal, adds tremendous value to your home and also has one of the highest returns on investment. The average cost for replacing a garage door to a more stylish and functional option is actually only $1,071 which typically includes the garage door itself, labor, tracks, adhesives, connectors and fasteners.

Increase Curb Appeal

Whether you’re hoping to sell your home in the near future or stay for many years, purchasing a new garage door can improve curb appeal and help enhance your home’s architecture. Curb appeal can reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your home and creates a welcoming appearance for visitors. Along with the garage door update, you can further improve its appeal with the following additions:

  • Landscaping
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Garage Door Accessories
  • Updated Front Door
  • New Exterior Paint

Up to $10,000 Value

Hearing that a garage door replacement has an 85% or greater return on investment sounds impressive, but how much money is that, exactly? With a garage door upgrade, you can expect up to $10,000 in value added to your home compared to a much less expensive upfront cost. For a quick, easy and cost-effective home improvement project with exceptional added value and relatively little upfront cost, replacing an unattractive and outdated garage door is the ideal solution.

Contact Hunter Door to Update Your Home’s Garage Door

If you’re looking for the best home improvement solution to add exceptional value and curb appeal, consider replacing your garage door today with help from the professionals at Hunter Door. At Hunter Door, we have over 40 years of experience helping homeowners throughout South Jersey and the Burlington, Cherry Hill and Camden areas with all of their garage door installations and maintenance needs. We exclusively offer Clopay® garage doors — the leading residential garage door manufacturer — available in a variety of styles to enhance the beauty of your home. Each one is crafted from the finest materials to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.

Visit our showroom today to view our wide selection of Clopay garage doors, complete our online contact form to request services or call us today at 856-431-3952 to speak with a specialist.

3 Reasons You Need Annual Garage Door Maintenance

3 Reasons You Need Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage is likely the most often used entrance for your home — and for average homes, it’s estimated the garage door is opened and closed 1,500 or more times per year. With frequent use, it’s common for your garage door to experience normal wear and tear like unreliable hardware, or to require a lubricant application for moving parts. To keep your garage in proper, safe and reliable working condition, garage door experts recommend having regular garage door service performed by a professional at least once every year. By having regular maintenance, you can prevent hazardous conditions, save money and extend the lifespan of your garage door.

1. Improve Safe Daily Garage Door Operations

Properly maintaining your garage door can prevent breakages that can either leave you stranded or hurt someone nearby. Garage door injuries are a common occurrence for homeowners who attempt their own fixes to a broken door — often caused by improper handling of springs or attempting to lift an extremely heavy door. Homeowners attempting to fix their garage doors with their own tools can not only injure themselves but also unintentionally damage other components and hardware of the door or surrounding property. By having a professional perform regular maintenance or repairs, you can prevent self-injury and ensure proper functionality.

2. Keep Up Daily Convenience

When you have routine garage door maintenance, you can identify and repair potential failures early on before they become a problem. Without proper maintenance, you may find that your garage door won’t open or close as you need it to — leaving you stuck inside the garage when you need to leave for work or errands or being unable to open the garage and having to leave your car outside in hot or cool temperatures or vulnerable during intense storms. With regular maintenance, you can also have improved peace of mind that your garage door will always reliably open and close as you expect and won’t leave your property damaged or pose safety risks.

3. Maintain Your Family’s Budget

Most annual garage door maintenance plans are less expensive than common garage door repairs. Having regular maintenance can highlight damaged or broken components of your garage door that can lead to additional strain and harm on other parts and hardware, causing them to wear faster and also need repairs. With frequent repairs, you may find yourself in a repair pattern that, with regular parts and labor costs, will be more expensive than just maintenance.

For Your Annual Garage Door Maintenance, Trust the Experts at Hunter Door

To guarantee your garage door always operates smoothly and reliably, rely on the professionals at Hunter Door to perform your annual garage door tune-up. Our company has over 40 years of experience throughout South Jersey repairing and maintaining garage doors for homeowners in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, Burlington and their surrounding communities. For our customers’ convenience, we offer preventative maintenance plans, parts and labor warranties and free project estimates on all services.

Schedule your garage door maintenance and repair today by completing our online contact form or calling us at 856-431-3952 to speak to a specialist.

5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Repair

5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Repair

Most homeowners use their garage doors more often than their front doors to enter their homes, so keeping your garage door functioning properly is essential for your daily convenience. With regular daily use, it’s normal for your garage door to need repairs. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of only having their garage doors inspected by a professional once pieces of hardware or parts break. By delaying garage door repairs, you could experience costly and inconvenient emergency garage door repair or replacement later.

To avoid these untimely and expensive services, it’s important to recognize common signs that indicate your garage door needs repair.

1. Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

An obvious sign of a broken garage door is if the door won’t open or close when you hit the control buttons on the wall panel or remote. The cause of this malfunction could be easy to remedy, like an accidentally locked garage door or an engaged disconnect switch, or it could be larger problems like a faulty connection between the door and control panel, the door is off its tracks, misaligned photo eye sensors or other door malfunctions.

2. Noisy Door Operations

While it’s normal for your garage door to make some noise while operating, make note of any unusual garage door and opener sounds that indicate repair needs, including:

  • Grating: Bent coils
  • Rumbling: Loose spring tension
  • Banging: Defective garage door panels
  • Grinding: Worn rollers or poor lubrication of moving parts
  • Squealing: Garage door is out of balance
  • Rattling: A loose chain or support rails
  • Straining: Defective garage door opener or inadequate horsepower

3. Garage Door Is Off Its Tracks

The garage door safely and reliably operates by moving up and down the tracks using rollers. Often when the garage door is older or has been damaged, the door can become dislodged from its tracks, preventing the door from being able to open and close properly. If your garage door is off its tracks, call a professional to inspect the problem and make repair suggestions.

4. Sagging Garage Door Sections

Part of regular garage door maintenance includes performing a balance test at least once or twice per year to check if your garage door panels are sagging. With a balance test, you’ll detach the door from the opener and then lift the garage door about halfway on its tracks. If the door stays in place, it’s properly balanced. But if it slams closed or snaps open, the door is off-balance or sagging. The cause of a sagging garage door could be worn tension springs or dulled rollers and tracks.

5. Slow Response Time

When you press your garage door remote, does the door take more than one or two seconds to respond? While waiting the extra time may not seem like a critical repair need, any operations taking more than a few seconds could indicate something wrong with your garage door system. Delayed operations can indicate a problem with the garage door or the opener, like broken opener cords, corroded pulleys, bad rollers or worn remote control circuitry.

For Your Garage Door Repairs, Trust Hunter Door

When you need friendly, reliable and responsive garage door repair and maintenance services in South Jersey, call the experts at Hunter Door. As a South Jersey garage door servicing company operating throughout the area since 1969, we understand the needs of local homeowners throughout Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and surrounding communities, and we can provide quality and affordable garage door solutions that exceed your expectations. Our company goal is to always provide the best services, so we offer free project estimates and parts and labor warranties.

Set up your garage door repairs or maintenance today by calling us at 856-431-3952 or schedule an appointment by filling out our online contact form.

How Does Summer Weather Affect Your Garage Door?

How Does Summer Weather Affect Your Garage Door?

Summer weather is often marked with high temperatures, direct sunlight and fierce thunder and lightning storms that can affect the appearance and functionality of your home’s garage door and garage door opener. To keep your door in top-notch condition and ensure reliable operation during the summer, it’s best to understand what types of summer weather can affect your door and learn some simple tips to keep your garage door system in good shape.

How the Sun Can Affect Garage Door Sensors

Garage door opener photo safety sensors are a safety feature of your system designed to stop the door from closing on an object in the garage door’s path. While this feature is great for ensuring safe daily garage door operations, direct sunlight can actually confuse the sensors into thinking there’s something blocking the door. During the summer, if your garage door opener closes intermittently, sunlight may be interfering with the photo eye sensors.

To prevent this malfunction, some manufacturers produce shades for the sensors or the other solution is to “flip” the sensors – one is a sender and one is a receiver – swapping the sender sensor and receiver sensor from side to side will also help to eliminate interference from the sun. As always, the trusted professionals at Hunter Door are available to provide advice or can help with inspecting the problem and finding a dependable and affordable solution.

High Humidity Levels Create Sticky Operations

Summer temperatures are often accompanied by uncomfortable and sticky humidity levels. High humidity can make your garage door stick to its perimeter seal especially if the door is painted and even more so if the door has been recently painted. The best solution to a sticking door is to make sure there is no paint on the back side of the perimeter seal – if you find there is paint on the back of the perimeter seal – take careful efforts to remove the excess paint without damaging the soft, pliable flap of the perimeter seal. In certain cases, the perimeter seal may need to be replaced – if you think that is the case, call Hunter Door for some friendly advice on replacing the perimeter seal – available in a variety of colors and sizes. And if it’s not a project you are willing to tackle – we can quickly schedule a service call and have your garage door back to working normally.

Thunderstorms and Unexpected Power Outages

During the summer months, you can often expect surprise thunderstorms that are often marked with power outages. While the materials of the door should protect against the excess moisture and heavy winds, homeowners should know how to safely open their garage door when the power goes out.

If power outages are frequent in your area, then you may consider purchasing a battery backup system for your garage door opener so the door can still safely operate during power outages. Without battery backup, homeowners should know how to manually open and close the garage door by removing the door from the automatic opener using the red emergency cord.

Keep Your Garage Door Operating Properly With Hunter Door

When you want to maintain the quality and functionality of your garage door, trust the professionals at Hunter Door with performing regular garage door maintenance — or let us help you select and install a new beautiful and durable Clopay garage door crafted to withstand extreme climates for many years. The experts at Hunter Door have over 40 years of garage door and garage opener installation, repair and maintenance experience, and we pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality products and services with a superior customer experience.

Learn more about our garage door services today by calling us at 856-431-3952 or complete our online form to request services. We also offer free project quotes for all of our customers — just fill out our online estimate form!