How Often Should Your Garage Door Receive an Upgrade?

How Often Should Your Garage Door Receive an Upgrade?

Your garage door is an essential feature of your home, especially if it faces the street. You always want your doors functioning smoothly and looking their best. After a few years pass, you may wonder when it will be time for an upgrade. We can help you figure it out.

How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

Your garage door is built to endure years of operation to accommodate your family’s busy schedule. A new garage door should last you at least 25 years if you provide the necessary annual maintenance and ensure that any minor hiccups are taken care of immediately. The goal is to perform regular service to your doors as is needed. 

Letting a garage door run without any yearly upkeep can cause small problems to get worse. Dirt buildup hardens, cables wear down, hinges crack — every garage door endures wear and tear. With the proper maintenance, you can keep up with these issues and ensure your garage door continue operating smoothly. Upkeep includes lubrication, bolt-tightening and part replacements.

What’s the Average Cost of a New Garage Door?

The average cost of a new garage door depends on several factors. The material, technology, style and quality all play a part in the price. If you want garage doors that are simple, keep your home safe and handle extreme weather conditions decently, you’re looking at an average cost of $1,100. 

A high-quality garage door that can endure extreme weather conditions and has the latest technology will cost $2,500 and up. Again, the price is based on what you require. Do your research, and you’ll be sure to find a quality garage door that meets your expectations and fits within your budget.

When to Consider Upgrading Your Garage

It’s best to keep an eye on your garage door and watch for signs that it’s time for an upgrade. If you wait too long to replace it, your door may stop working or experience other issues that can disrupt your routine. Consider the following factors:

  • Repairs: If your garage door malfunctions often and requires constant repair services, you will probably spend more money fixing it than you would by getting a replacement.
  • Damage: If your area has endured a bad storm or the garage door was hit by a car, it could suffer damage beyond repair. 
  • Age: After a couple of decades of reliable operation, you may notice your garage door moves slower or is weaker than it once was. An upgrade is a good idea at that point.
  • Quality: If you have a low-quality garage door, it could let in cold winter air or summer heat, raising your energy costs. By upgrading your door, you can lower costs and keep your home comfortable year-round.

Hunter Door Offers High-Quality Garage Doors and Repair Services

With proper care, your garage doors will last many years. Hunter Door can help you make the most of your investment with maintenance and repairs if you need them. When you’re ready for an upgrade, we also work with Clopay®, the country’s leading garage door manufacturer. 

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