Common Causes of Noisy Garage Doors (and How to Fix Them)

Common Causes of Noisy Garage Doors (and How to Fix Them)

No overhead door is entirely silent, but many brand-new doors come pretty close. It’s only normal, then, to feel taken aback when your nice quiet door starts to sound like a haunted house. 

So, what are the reasons for strange garage door noises like popping, banging, rattling and squealing, and what actions can you take to put a stop to them? Below are the most common causes of noisy garage doors and what you can do to fix them. 

Sources of Garage Door Noises 

If you have a noisy garage door and want to remedy the squeaking, ensure you are taking the necessary safety precautions. As overhead doors represent the heaviest moving parts of your house, fixing them could be dangerous if you don’t have the right tools and skills. 

Never attempt a repair that would put you at risk for an injury, and always disconnect the garage door opener so you can troubleshoot safely. Hiring a professional technician to maintain your garage door regularly can minimize the risk of injury and save you from incurring high repair costs down the road. 

Whether your garage door is popping, squeaking, grinding or making other strange sounds, follow our guide to troubleshooting garage door noises below: 

  • Faulty garage door openers: Garage door openers derive their power and energy from belt drives, screws and chains. Any one of these devices could generate noise if not properly maintained. For example, the screw drive could make a scraping sound when grinding against the rack, or the belt could make a high-pitched squealing noise after coming loose. Garage door noises such as grinding could also indicate an issue with the opener and often occur when the door has problems opening and closing. 
  • Unbalanced door or broken torsion springs: You may hear loud garage door noises such as thumping and banging when your door is off-balance. If you hear a loud snap, your torsion spring may have broken. In these cases, trying to repair the spring on your own could be dangerous, so calling a professional garage door expert is recommended.  
  • Loose parts: When you hear your garage door squeaking, it most likely means that the metal parts need to be lubricated, and the bolts and nuts holding the door together have loosened. 
  • Insufficient lubrication: If your garage door parts are not properly lubricated, you may hear rattling, squeaking, squealing, grinding or vibrating noises. Rattling could also be caused by improper installation, unbalanced doors, or loose nuts or bolts. 

Let Hunter Door Quiet Your Loud Garage Door

For over five decades, Hunter Door has been committed to offering reliable garage door services in Berlin, New Jersey. Our trucks are lettered, and our technicians are experienced, uniformed and trained to give you peace of mind when they’re fixing garage door squeaking or other issues. We also ensure each of our employees passes a background check and is committed to treating customers’ property with respect. 

Whether you need garage door repairs, are ready for a replacement or want an entirely new door installed, Hunter Door can help. Contact us today to request an estimate — our garage door technicians can determine the reason behind your noisy garage door and restore some peace and quiet to your home in no time.   

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