Insulating Your Garage Door — When It’s Worth It and When It’s Not

Garage Door Insulation – When It’s Worth It & When It’s Not

Comfort and energy efficiency are factors that may lead you to consider insulating your garage, but are insulated garage doors worth it? The answer may depend on your situation. At Hunter Door, we offer professional, trusted garage door services in South Jersey, including insulated door installation. Keep reading to determine if you should insulate your garage door. 

Reasons to Insulate Your Garage Door

Should you insulate your garage door? For some homeowners, insulating a garage door can be a great investment. Consider insulation in some of these circumstances: 

  • Using the garage year-round: If you need to use your garage in the winter, insulating can help ensure a comfortable temperature. Keeping your garage warm will also help keep your valuable equipment safe and functional. 
  • Quieter space: Are you doing lots of loud work in your garage? Sounds created by noisy equipment can bounce and reverberate around your garage and into your home, causing quite a disturbance. Insulating your garage will provide a barrier that reduces noise. 
  • Insulating the attic or bedroom overhead: Without proper insulation, your garage may leak cold air into adjacent rooms. If your bedroom is above your garage, poor insulation can lead to some cold, uncomfortable nights. Cold temperatures can also damage the personal items you store in your attic. 
  • Blocking fumes and smells: If air and noise can escape your garage and seep into your home, so can unpleasant odors and harmful chemicals. Insulation can seal the cracks that allow air to permeate surfaces, ensuring your family’s safety. 
  • Protecting plumbing: If plumbing runs through your garage, leaving it unprotected can be very damaging. Cold temperatures can cause a burst pipe that may damage your home and require expensive repairs. If piping goes through your garage, you should insulate it. 

Reasons to Opt Out of Garage Door Insulation

Garage door insulation isn’t for everyone. Consider holding out in these situations: 

  • Absence of heating or cooling: Insulation isn’t an all-in-one fix, but rather a supplement to increase the effects of other temperature-controlling strategies. If you aren’t doing anything to control the temperature, insulation won’t have any effect. Insulation helps retain heat, so if you aren’t actively heating the garage, there won’t be any heat to retain. 
  • Detached garage: If your garage is detached from your home, it won’t leak cold air, odors and noise into living spaces, making insulation less necessary.

Is Garage Insulation Worth the Investment? 

There are some scenarios in which garage insulation is definitely worth the investment, especially for New Jersey homeowners. When the cold hits, garage insulation will help keep your home warm. If you use your garage all year long and pump heat into the space, an insulated garage door can retain that heat and help reduce your energy bill. While garage door insulation isn’t for every home, many New Jersey households can see some real benefits. 

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