Garage Door Remote Control Repair Services

Having an automatic garage door that opens with a remote control offers a huge convenience in operating your garage door without leaving your car. When your remote goes awry, Hunter Door is there to help, with a team of expert technicians to assist with garage door opener remote troubleshooting, repair and replacement.

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Benefits of Hunter Door’s Services

We go above and beyond for our clients, whether repairing a remote control or replacing your entire opener system. Partner with us to receive these benefits:

  • With over 50 years of expertise, we are a leading door company that provides prompt servicing and repairs at a reasonable cost.
  • To deliver superior products and services, we have partnered with Clopay®, ProVia and LiftMaster®, and can provide service for Genie and Craftsman garage door openers as well.
  • Our mission is to exceed client expectations, ensuring we provide great service to our customers.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Here are common garage door opener problems that indicate it’s time to request repairs for your remote or opener:

  • Lightning or power surges can disrupt garage door operation — watch for random malfunctions.
  • Slack in the chain or belt can hinder opening or closing.
  • Noisy garage doors may result from improper installation or chain slack.
  • A garage door making noise without movement could indicate a tight chain or motor problems.
  • Blinking opener without action may be due to dirty sensors, sunlight interference, or wiring problems.
  • Wall button acting strange? Check for broken switches or wire trouble.
  • Intermittent operation may signal remote control or circuit board issues — explore smart openers for convenience.
  • Remote control troubles might be solved with new batteries–stop in to see Hunter Door for a free battery replacement as a small token of appreciation for existing and new customers.

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5 Troubleshooting Tips: Remote Controlled Garage Door Opening

One of the most common reasons a garage door does not open is that the remote is not working. Here are a few reasons why the remote control won’t function and how to resolve them:

1. The lock button of your garage door opener is on

Solution: You need to unlock it following the manufacturer’s manual.

2. The battery of your garage door remote control is depleted

Solution: The battery needs to be replaced — followed by a possible need to reprogram the remote control.

3. The garage door remote control needs to be reprogrammed

Solution: Repair your garage door remote control by reprogramming it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. The remote control signal is interrupted by wireless items or LED bulbs

Solution: Clean the sensors or replace the bulb in the unit with a recommended brand; if those solutions don’t work, contact professional remote control garage door repair services to find a solution.

5. Wiring issues with the door opener motor

Solution: Reprogram your garage door remote control, and if the problem persists, call in the experts to investigate and repair.

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We’ll use our decades of experience and garage door knowledge to help troubleshoot and solve your garage door remote concerns. Get in touch with Hunter Door to get your free estimate online.

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