3 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Garage

A garage remodel is an investment. In some cases, you may be able to avoid a full remodel by updating garage doors or by repairing a few issues. There are three major signs you need to contact Hunter Door for a new garage door and a full renovation: 1. Your Garage Uses a Lot of Energy Are your utility bills high or suddenly seeing an uptick? Take a look at your garage, especially if it’s attached to your home. Over time, cracks and gaps can develop, allowing the cold and even pests in. Poor insulation can also use up the […]

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How to Clean and Lubricate Garage Door Rollers, Tracks and Chains

When your garage door opener isn’t greased adequately, it can become loud and create squeaking or grating noises when it’s opened or closed. If your garage door is not lubricated and cleaned with regular maintenance, it may become damaged and its lifespan may be shortened. Regularly lubricating and maintaining your garage door system helps you enjoy ongoing access to your garage and protects your investment. Lubricating Your Garage Door Start by getting the right materials. You will need a cloth and possibly a vacuum cleaner. You will also need the right lubricant. Do not use degreasers or oils, as these […]

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3 Signs You Need a New Garage Door

Should you get a new garage door or repair your existing door? It can be difficult to decide, but knowing when it’s time for a replacement is important in saving you time, frustration and money. We’ve put together the three signs to look out for if you’re wondering whether the time has come to explore your garage door options. How to Know If You Need a New Garage Door You may need a new garage door if you notice any of these issues: 1. Serious Problems With Performance Your garage door has an important job to do, so you may […]

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5 Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Your garage door does more than just let your car in and out of the garage. In many cases, it can be a direct entryway into your home and may serve as a storage area for valuable sports equipment or tools. Proper garage door maintenance can help protect your home’s contents, make your garage door more convenient to use and reduce the risk of injury. The best garage door tips to ensure your garage door doesn’t get stuck, damaged or compromised are: 1. Check Your Door Regularly for Damage Invest a little time looking over your garage door regularly. Are […]

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6 Tips for Painting and Refinishing Your Garage Door

6 Tips for Painting and Refinishing Your Garage Door A garage door is a main focal point of your home that contributes to ownership satisfaction and curb appeal. If your residence lies within South Jersey, your installation experiences wear and tear thanks to changing temperatures, sun exposure and snow. Fortunately, you can rejuvenate the exterior finish of your investment with a fresh coat of paint. At Hunter Door, we support homeowners in South Jersey with garage door installation and repair services. Here are our top six tips for painting and refinishing your residential garage. 1. Monitor the Forecast The process for […]

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How Long Do Garage Door Tension Springs Last?

If your home is equipped with a garage door, you probably know that these installations open and close thanks to springs. Garage doors move thousands of times each year, but how often do you inspect components for proper function? The springs that make up your assembly are vital for operation, but it is important to understand these parts can become dangerous with wear and tear. Hunter Door is a leader in garage door installation and repair services across South Jersey, and we want our customers to recognize the warning signs when springs are in need of replacement. The average life expectancy of […]

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4 Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

If you live in parts of South Jersey, you understand the ever-changing climate from summer to winter. Experiencing all four seasons, homeowners across this area must always prepare for brutal winds, snow and ice between November and March. If your residential space is equipped with a garage, installing an exterior door with insulation might just be the perfect solution for energy efficiency, protection and warmth inside the house. On the fence about purchasing an insulated garage door? Here are our top four benefits of having one of these devices attached to your home. Insulated Garage Doors Are Energy Efficient It […]

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5 Ways to Improve the Longevity of Your Garage Door

A garage door has the power to transform the entire appearance of your home. Whether you use your garage for storage or as a main entry point for your residential space, keeping your investment in excellent condition is the key to years of functionality. Due to changing temperatures, inclement weather and frequent use, your garage door experiences wear and tear, so Hunter Door is here with professional tips and tricks to ensure your garage door operates as it should. If you live in parts of South Jersey, here are our top five ways to prolong the life of your garage […]

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How to Choose a Front Door

A home is a reflection of your personality and tastes. Each new piece of furniture and decor you choose becomes a part of your daily life. When you stop to think about it that way, your front door is the face of your home. Family coming over for the holidays, friends stopping by to visit, kids coming over for a playdate — they all stand in front of that door and knock before entering. You want that front door to be a welcoming part of your home, but you also want it to fit your budget, provide your home with security and […]

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How to Keep Your Garage Warm During Winter

Although mainly designed to store cars and other items, garages can be converted into a variety of other living spaces, including workspaces, TV dens and cozy bedrooms. But there’s one factor that keeps many homeowners from repurposing this space — they’re uninsulated. When winter hits, most garages become cold and uncomfortable. However, insulating your garage is a more straightforward process than you might imagine, and doing so can make this space just as warm as any other room in your home. Check out the topics in this post. 7 Steps to Prepare Your Garage for Winter 3 Ways to Keep […]

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