The Importance of Garage Door Weatherstripping

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Importance Of Garage Door Weatherstripping

If you’re looking for ways to better guard the inside of your garage against the elements, weatherstripping could be the solution you need. Sealing your garage door helps protect your home and garage from temperature fluctuations. It can also help block rain, snow and ice from getting inside. If you want to use weatherstripping effectively, you should understand how it works and how to install it properly.

What Is Weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping involves sealing the gaps between your garage doors and the door frames, or the ground. The long strips of weatherstripping come in several different materials, such as rubber or vinyl. 

Even the most well-fitted garage doors have a few natural gaps that let in outside air, rain or other elements. Door sealing solutions will help prevent these outdoor elements from getting inside. You’ll better protect your assets and keep your garage comfortable year-round.  

Does Your Garage Need Weatherstripping?

If you’re wondering whether you need weatherstripping for your garage, consider a few main benefits you’ll gain from sealing your garage doors:


  • Better temperature regulation: With weatherstripping, you can fill gaps, keeping your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Improved protection from the elements: When you properly seal your garage doors, you’ll help prevent flooding and moisture-related rusting of your door components or stored equipment.
  • More secure storage: Better sealing can also keep unwanted critters out of your garage, so you won’t have to worry about rodents or insects invading a car, toolbox or other items you keep inside.


How to Install Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping process involves three main steps:


  1. Selecting the right material for the door type and insulation needs.
  2. Cutting the weatherstripping to the precise door size with a saw.
  3. Attaching the weatherstripping: On the sides and top, the perimeter seal is usually nailed to the door frame or side jambs.  The seal on the bottom, sometimes called astragal, usually slides into a groove formed on the bottom of the door or a groove in a retainer secured to the bottom of the door.  The bottom seal is sometimes specific to a door manufacturer – so it’s important to select the correct astragal


Professional Installation

If you want to get weatherstripping, it might be best to seek out a professional to install your weatherstripping instead of doing it yourself. The weatherstripping must be properly aligned with the door or else it won’t be any better than having no seal at all. Also, if the weatherstripping isn’t cut to the proper size or installed correctly, it can cause operational issues or even throw the door off its track.

If you want the most effective weatherproofing, you should hire a professional you trust to seal your garage doors.

Keep Your Garage Door in Top Condition With Hunter Door

At Hunter Door, we offer trusted services to handle your garage door maintenance needs. If you want the right team to provide weatherstripping installation and other garage door and garage door opener services for you, contact Hunter Door today.

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