What to Do if Your Garage Door Is Off the Track

What to Do if Your Garage Door Is Off the Track

What To Do If Your Garage Door Is Off Track

When your garage door is off the track, it doesn’t work the way it should. Learn the cause behind this issue and the steps to handle it so you can keep your door in working order.

Why Is Your Garage Door Off Track?

There are a few reasons why your garage door came off the tracks:

  • Your car hit the door. Sometimes you’re late for work or hurrying home, and you pull in or out of your garage before the door is open all the way. It can happen to anyone, and if it does, it may bump a few rollers off the tracks.
  • The tracks are a mismatch. If your tracks are not strong enough to handle the weight of your door, they start to bend and cause misalignment.
  • Rollers or cables are broken. Rollers and cables undergo a lot of wear with time. If your door is old, wear and breakage in these parts can lead to a door off the tracks.

How to Fix It

Your off-track garage door requires several steps to get it back in place:

  1. Disconnect and open the door. You have to start the repair by releasing your door from the overhead opener and opening the door manually. An important garage door safety tip is to make sure you do this with at least one other person because the door may slam down while you’re trying to open it.
  2. Apply a stop and find the jam. Put pliers on the track at the bottom of the door to stop the door from closing. Then, identify the spot where the wheels are coming off.
  3. Align the wheels. Use another pair of pliers to pull the track closer to the door. This step makes it easier to get the wheels back on your track. From here, pull the wheels to the track.
  4. Fix the track. With the wheels in place, hit the track with a mallet to bring it back to its original spot.
  5. Test. Try opening and closing the door manually. Then, try it with the opener. If everything runs smoothly, you’ve successfully fixed your door. If not, you need a technician.

Contact a Professional Repair Technician at Hunter Door

Whether your repair didn’t go as planned or you’re not interested in a do-it-yourself fix, Hunter Door can handle the job. We specialize in fixing a range of garage door problems, including those times when it’s off the track. Request our services in southern Jersey today.

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