What to Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

What to Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close 

It can be very aggravating to try and figure out what is causing your garage door to not open or close effectively. It is very important to have a properly working garage door for several reasons. There are multiple causes as to why your garage door may not be working that Hunter Doors can happily fix! Understanding what may be causing these issues is a great start to getting your garage door repaired correctly. Below we will discuss common problems and solutions to ensure that your garage door is working as it should.  

Why Won’t My Garage Door Open or Close?

There are various reasons as to why your garage door won’t open or close. The following list includes a few that are commonly recognized. 

  • Photo Eye is out of Alignment: A photo eye on a garage door is also known as the sensors, which are two black boxes located on the bottom of your garage door. The purpose of these is to signal when an object may be getting in the way of your garage door opening or closing. This part may have become misaligned over time, hindering your garage door from operating. 
  • Broken Tension Springs: Tension springs on a garage door allow it to raise and lower. These are an important part of a properly working garage door. A misaligned top door, slamming of the garage door, dangling springs, and an off-track door are some of the ways to tell if your tension springs are broken. Any of these issues can prevent the garage door from opening and closing correctly.
  • Track is Not Properly Aligned: The track is located on either side of your garage door and above it. It fulfills the task of guiding the door as it is opening or closing. When your garage door track is not properly aligned, it can cause loud and disturbing noises and/or inconsistent movement of your garage door. 
  • Broken or Disconnected Remote Control: Your garage door remote control is typically set up in the mid-sized box located on the top of your garage ceiling. It is common that the remote control can become disconnected or broken over time. One way of identifying this is by testing your garage door opener and seeing if it is working appropriately.  
  • Loose or Snapped Cables: There are cables located at the bottom of your garage door which are attached to a cable drum. If these cables are loose or snapped, it can restrain the door from functioning correctly. This is common and can occur over time if the garage door was not properly installed. 

Most Common Problems and Solutions

The items listed above are frequent issues that occur with a garage door. Below are some common solutions to ensure that these problems are resolved. 

  • Broken Garage Door Spring: As mentioned above, garage door springs are a very important role in the operation of your garage. They are what allow your garage door to rise and lower. The spring on your garage door can be damaged, broken, loose, or worn. These are all potential causes of your garage door not opening or closing. Hunter Doors has a strongly educated and trained staff that can ensure the fix of your broken garage door springs due to our high level of quality care and expertise.
  • Faulty Garage Door Openers: A faulty garage door opener can be another cause of a non-operating garage door. This often occurs as a problem with the connection between the control panel and the door opener located on the door. There are technical devices that allow these openers to operate properly. Because the door opener could have several issues, Hunter Door highly suggests that professionals do this repair.
  • Unbalanced Garage Door: An unbalanced garage door can also be an issue. It may not have been installed properly and can become unstable over time. A couple of ways to identify if your garage door is unbalanced is if the door looks uneven, makes a peculiar noise, takes a longer time to open/close, or won’t open at all. For the majority of these problems, Hunter Door considers professional service as a must-have. 
  • Loose Parts: There are several parts of a garage door that all connect in multiple complex ways. Loose parts can occur in the garage door itself, cables, springs, and many other pieces. All of these parts play a major role in the garage door operation. Hunter Door has all of the essentials for making sure that this restoration is done efficiently and accurately.
  • Track is Not Properly Aligned: When noticing that your garage door is not operating properly, a potential problem could be the misalignment of your garage door track. This is another problem that may occur over time, if the garage door is damaged, or if your garage door was not properly installed. There are many tools and important factors of the garage door track which is why this repair needs to be done professionally. Hunter Doors has several years of experience and is here to assist you with your needs. 

The Benefits of Hunter Door

Hunter Door is a family-owned garage door company based out of southern New Jersey that has been serving its community since 1969. There are several benefits to choosing Hunter Doors as your company to further assist you in your garage door solutions. 

Benefits of choosing Hunter Door:

-Hunter Door consists of a highly educated and strongly trained staff that is very persistent in ensuring that your garage door is installed/repaired properly. We have dedicated, trustworthy, and friendly employees that provide outstanding customer service to ensure a positive experience. 

-Hunter Door offers a variety of high-quality products that YOU have the choice of picking! Hunter Door carries the following; ClopayProViaLiftmaster, and Genie. These products ensure long-lasting garage doors for you!

-Hunter Door provides FREE estimates for your home on garage door installations and garage door repairs to further benefit you.

-Hunter Door offers same-day services. This means that if you request a free estimate, Hunter Doors can fulfill your needs on that same day!

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