Choosing the Best Garage Door Openers

Choosing the Best Garage Door Openers

Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers are a luxury that many take for granted — until they need repair or replacement. A dependable opener means you can access your garage from the comfort of your car with modern mobile technology. High-quality openers also feature security codes that allow only you or the people you trust to enter.

Garage Door Opener Options and Their Benefits

Selecting the ideal garage door opener depends on your door. The amount of power you need for an opener varies depending on the size and weight of your garage door. Consider these options:

  • Drive types: There are three primary garage door opener drives — chain, screw and belt. Although chain drives produce the most vibration and noise, they’re often the most powerful and economical. Screw drive openers have the fewest moving parts and usually require the least maintenance, while belt drive openers offer the least amount of noise. 
  • Horsepower options: While the size and weight of your door sometimes dictate your opener’s necessary horsepower, purchasing a more powerful opener often leads to longer dependable service and reliability. Typical options generally range from 1/3 to 3/4 horsepower.
  • Garage door sizes: Before committing to a new opener, you should ensure that it’ll work with your current door system. Most residential garage doors are 7 feet high, and many stock openers will accommodate this height. If you have a non-standard door size, your new opener may require modification.

What Are the Best Garage Door Openers?

Hunter Door offers several models of garage door openers featuring some of LiftMaster’s most innovative technology. Many of our models allow you to receive alerts and control your door from anywhere using the MyQ® app. Examples of our offerings include:

  • Contractor Series 8164W: LiftMaster’s Contractor Series 8164W chain drive opener offers some of the quietest opening technology of its kind.
  • Elite Series 8500W: The Elite Series 8500W is Liftmaster’s most advanced belt-driven opener.
  • LM84501: Liftmaster’s LM84501 features an ultra-quiet and durable belt drive and an invisible light beam system.
  • LM87504-267: The LM87504-267 belt drive motor contains a built-in 140-degree camera to let you see everything around you.
  • LM87802: The LM87802 model includes our highest-powered motor, featuring a heavy-duty chain drive and a sturdy I-beam rail system. 

Choose Hunter Door for Garage Door Openers Built to Last

At Hunter Door, we understand what it means to have a reliable and efficient garage door opener with the newest features. We offer some of the best openers and installation services in South Jersey, providing you with many years of safety, convenience, comfort and dependability down the road. Contact us today to learn more!