5 Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

5 Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Your garage door does more than just let your car in and out of the garage. In many cases, it can be a direct entryway into your home and may serve as a storage area for valuable sports equipment or tools. Proper garage door maintenance can help protect your home’s contents, make your garage door more convenient to use and reduce the risk of injury.

The best garage door tips to ensure your garage door doesn’t get stuck, damaged or compromised are:

1. Check Your Door Regularly for Damage

Invest a little time looking over your garage door regularly.

Are there any signs of someone attempting to force the door? Are there pieces that are broken, cracked or damaged? Is anything not working correctly? Getting maintenance now rather than waiting for the door to stop functioning entirely can help you avoid a costly repair bill.

2. Test Your Door’s Automatic-Reverse Feature

At least once or twice a year, you need to test this feature which is intended to prevent the door from closing when a person or your car is in the way. Of all garage door maintenance tips, this can be one of the most important to prevent injury.

If you have a photoelectric garage door system that senses motion and stops the door, start closing the door and wave a piece of wood or a large object under the door to ensure it stops.

Otherwise, place a large and sturdy object under the door and close your garage door. Your auto-reverse system is working if the door automatically opens again after reaching the object. If this feature does not work, contact repair professionals at once. Your door may be a safety hazard.

3. Keep Your Door Lubricated

Using a lubricant specially designed for garage doors, regularly lubricate your garage door’s hinges, chain or drive screw, rollers and tracks. This will keep the mechanism running smoothly. The process of greasing and cleaning your garage door also helps you notice any damage and repair it before it affects performance.

4. Check Your Door’s Balance

Regularly pull the release handle and open the garage door about halfway. If the door doesn’t stay in position without your interference, the tension springs may be out of balance and could use adjustment. If your springs are not adjusted, the door will wear out more quickly than it should because it works harder during opening and closing than a properly-balanced door.

5. Inspect the Hardware

Regularly take a look at your door’s roller brackets, bolts and other hardware. Tighten occasionally when needed, since these parts can become loosened with time and use.

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Whether you have a squeak in your garage door that you can’t identify or you suddenly can’t access your garage because your door won’t work, you can count on our friendly expertise to get things back to the way they were.

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