How to Secure Your Garage Door Before a Lengthy Vacation

How to Secure Your Garage Door Before a Lengthy Vacation

When you go on vacation, you’re looking to relax. Before you leave, there are a few things you need to handle around the house to ensure you have a stress-free trip, including securing your home and garage entryways.

Your Vacation Checklist

Before going on vacation, you should create a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for vacation and to keep your house is safe when you’re gone. Besides the essentials like packing your bags, some items on your checklist may include:

  • Emptying the trash.
  • Watering your plants.
  • Turning off all appliances.
  • Locking up the house.

Locking your house is the most vital step on your checklist. Lock all the exterior doors and windows to your home. Don’t overlook the garage—make sure you lock your garage door to prevent intruders from accessing any part of your home while you’re gone.

How to Secure Your Garage Door

Securing your garage door is crucial to ensure no one enters your house while you’re gone on vacation. Check out these ways you can secure your garage door for a worry-free vacation:

1. Wireless Garage Door

Garage door openers have advanced over the years. Some models now offer smartphone compatibility, which lets you control, monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere. You can set up a specific ringtone on your phone to alert you when the door opens or closes, so you’re aware of any activity while you’re away.

2. Garage Door Opener Wall Console

When you’re looking for garage door security options, check your garage door opener wall console carefully. Your system may already have a vacation lock feature you can use. This feature disables handheld radio controls, digital keyless entry pads and vehicles with programming to operate the door to limit who can access your garage and how.

3. Locking Device

You can also secure your garage door with a locking device, which manually locks your door. There are two types of these devices:

  1. Inside lock: This lock goes on the inside of the door. You push a bar through a hole in the tracking to lock the door.
  2. Deadbolt lock: This lock has pieces on both sides of the door — a handle and key slot on the outside and a double lock bar on the inside. You turn the handle and extend the lock bar across the tracks, which a deadbolt holds in place. The only way to unlock the deadbolt is with a key.

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When you go on vacation, a garage door opener ensures your garage door stays locked and secure. Hunter Door offers over six types of garage door openers to keep your home safe. Our knowledgeable staff and skilled technicians can help you find the right opener and install it for you, giving you a prompt and professional experience from start to finish. We proudly serve communities throughout South Jersey.

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