The Pros and Cons of Steel Garage Doors

The Pros and Cons of Steel Garage Doors

When installing or buying a new garage door, it’s essential to choose the proper material. A well-constructed door provides better protection for your vehicles and enhances your home’s overall appearance. Steel is a common choice for modern garage doors. Like any material, though, steel offers a few pros and cons you should consider before making a purchase.

The Advantages of Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are popular because of the overall value they provide. Some of the benefits of using steel include:

  • Versatility: Steel is a malleable material that can accommodate any style preference. You can use it to construct a garage door to suit your specific needs, such as an overhead door or a sectional door. Steel is also aesthetically adaptable, with many finishes and color options available.
  • Durability: A steel garage door offers more safety and security against the elements and day-to-day mishaps than wood or fiberglass. You can expect many productive years with a steel door since it’s more resistant to factors like harsh weather, denting and cracking.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The cost of a garage door can vary, but steel is often more budget-friendly than other construction materials. A steel garage door’s sturdiness and ease of maintenance mean you’ll save money on future repairs, too.
  • Sustainability: When it’s time for a new garage door, you can recycle your steel one. Many modern steel doors use recycled material, so you can help the environment even more if you opt for another one.

The Cons of Steel Overhead Garage Doors

Steel garage doors only have a few drawbacks worth considering. These disadvantages include:

  • Less insulation: Steel doors naturally provide less insulation than thicker materials like fiberglass. If you live in an area that’s prone to colder weather, you can look into buying an insulated steel door or insulate it yourself. A high R-value door will offer better insulation for your home. 
  • Susceptibility to rust: Steel garage doors are vulnerable to rust and corrosion. To prevent rusting, you should touch up any scratches as soon as possible and wash your door regularly.
  • Need for new paint: You’ll need to apply a fresh coat of paint every so often to keep your door in good condition. That said, painting offers an excellent opportunity to try new colors and enhance your door’s aesthetic appeal.

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