Top 8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Door

Top 8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Door

The exterior door is often people’s first impression of your home, and it protects your indoor living space from outside elements. Over time, this decorative and functional piece can wear down. As a result, you may discover drafts and a reduction in your property’s aesthetic appeal, and you’ll need a replacement. Explore the following eight reasons to replace your front door.

1. Your Door Sticks When Opening and Closing

The best time to replace a front door is when it sticks as you open and close it. It may get stuck in the winter and be easy to open and close in the summer. In that case, there might be gaps or openings around the door frame where light comes in from the outside.

Consult a front door replacement professional to find out if you need to repair or replace it. Sometimes, the door could get stuck because of loose hinge screws. On the other hand, it’s usually more cost-effective to get a new door if there’s a misalignment in the door jamb, the entry door has become warped or your home’s foundation has settled.

2. Your Door Has Drafts

The hot summers and cold winters typical in South Jersey have probably expanded and contracted your front door. A drafty door brings air leaks into your home and puts additional strain on your HVAC system. You’ll want to replace your entry door to save money on your energy bills each month and make your home more comfortable inside.

Besides feeling uncomfortable air in your home, you may also know if your door has drafts by holding a candle or lighter near the door frame. A flame that flickers toward the outside indicates an air leak. In that case, you’ll need a new door to eliminate these uncomfortable, costly drafts.

3. Your Door Is Weathered

Over time, your door can suffer from wear and tear from excessive use and various weather conditions. A solid wood door expands and contracts as the temperature changes. As a result, it develops cracks and warps throughout the panels, making them challenging to open and potentially letting in drafts.

Inspect your door for cracks, gaps and uneven surfaces to know when to replace your front door. These imperfections can let drafts into the home and compromise the door’s structural integrity. They can also make it easier for would-be thieves to break in.

4. Your Door Is Loose on Its Hinges

As you open and close your door, you may notice that it squeaks. Sometimes, a squeaky door is easy to fix with a screwdriver and some lubricant. On the other hand, the door might be failing if you need frequent repairs to its hinges. A failing door leaves your home more vulnerable to intruders and is challenging to use. In that case, you’ll want to call a professional to replace your front door with a sturdy, functional one.

5. Your Door Has a Lack of Security

Besides protecting your indoor living space from exterior drafts, the front door also guards your home against break-ins. A weak, broken door is easy to pry open when no one’s watching. On the other hand, modern steel doors are sturdy and weather-resistant. They also come with various lock options, such as keyless entry or durable lock-and-key bolts, to increase your property’s security.

As a result of replacing your front door, you can have peace of mind when you’re asleep, at home or away. Consider getting a new one with these unique safety features. You may want to update the lighting near your entryway or install security cameras outside for extra assurance.

6. Your Door Has Cracks and Breaks

A door with visible cracks and breaks reduces your home’s curb appeal and makes your property more open to break-ins. Cracked or broken door frames also let drafts into your indoor living space and put additional strain on your HVAC system.

You’ll want to replace your entry door if it has any signs of damage on it, such as rust, dents, cracks or holes. It’s also time to replace your front door if it doesn’t lock correctly. Consult an entry door professional to find a sturdy, long-lasting door that can resist the elements in your local area.


7. Your Door Has Moisture Damage

A wet, weak wooden door welcomes insects, rot, mold and mildew into your home. You’ll want to change your entry door to enhance the curb appeal and protect your property from future damage. Consider replacing your wooden front door with more durable material, such as steel or fiberglass.

Besides the door panels, you may have glass doors with double-paned glass. Over time, the seal between the two panes can fail, creating the ideal conditions for mold and mildew to form. With windows, you can probably go a little longer before replacing them because the frames consist of inorganic materials that are resistant to rot. However, you’ll need to replace your entry door much more quickly, especially if you have an older door.

Older front doors usually have a wood core or frame. A seal failure between the glass panes of your door traps moisture between these frames that can cause rot, especially if your entryway doesn’t receive much direct sunlight. You’ll need to replace your entry door when you notice water between the glass panes.

8. You Want a Door With Updated Style and Curb Appeal

The front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior, and it makes an excellent first impression on guests and potential homebuyers. Consider replacing your worn-out door with an attractive, energy-efficient one to add value and character to your property. An entry door replacement yields a return on investment of 71.4% in New Jersey. If you’ve already upgraded your landscaping and added a fresh coat of paint to the interior, a new entry door may be the final element to attract buyers if you want to sell your home soon.

Updating your front door’s color, material or design can give your home a brand-new look, even if you don’t want to put it on the market. This upgrade is much more affordable than getting a new roof, installing new siding or even painting your exterior property. Consult an entry door replacement professional to find the perfect door for your house.

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