Three Ways to Storm-Proof Your Garage Door

Three Ways to Storm-Proof Your Garage Door

Most people know that high winds from hurricanes and other storms can cause devastating damage. Fewer homeowners know that their garage doors can make an enormous difference in their homes’ safety. Storms and garage doors have a complex relationship that depends on several factors.

Your garage door could fail and become damaged if it is too weak to withstand the wind. Why is this such a problem? If your garage door warps, these high winds will enter your home. Once inside, winds can impact your roof and take it off. Excessive winds can also build pressure in your home, causing your windows to blow out. 

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Wind Load and Your Garage Door

How much wind can a garage door withstand? Wind speed design requirements depend on your location as well as on exposure, terrain, and direction. Your garage door must be up to code for your safety and that of your home. The wind speed for Risk Category II is between 115 mph and 130 mph. You may need to check your local city codes for the wind speed that your area recommends your overhead door should be able to withstand. 

The Hunter Door professionals will help you find the upgrades you may need to follow the code.

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1. Install Garage Door Braces

You can strengthen your garage door quickly by installing reinforced garage door braces on the inside of the existing door. Install these temporary braces before a predicted storm to reap the benefits of this inexpensive option.

2. Attach Hurricane Panels

Hurricane panels attach to the exterior of the garage door and help protect your door from impact damage. If you have an older garage door, you will need to protect it from high winds to prevent damage to your garage and home. 

3. Invest in a Storm-Ready Door

The best and safest option is to invest in a storm-ready door. Installing a hurricane-proof garage door saves you the time of setting up braces or panels before a storm. After all, some storms can hit unexpectedly. We recommend finding a wind-rated garage door suited for your area, so be sure to check with your jurisdiction or installer. 

These storm-proof doors are impact-resistant and can withstand the high winds associated with your region. Upgrading your garage door is one of the most cost-effective home improvements. You receive a high return on your investment because your garage door enhances your home’s safety.

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If a storm damages your garage door, it’s essential that you schedule maintenance to restore its reliable function. Garage doors have many complex parts that can malfunction if damaged. Are you unsure of what to look for? Learn more about spotting when your garage door may need repairs by reading this guide.

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